Holiday Adventures

On your Holiday - have an Adventure!

We all have different ideas as to what makes our perfect holiday and should you decide to come to Turkey then we would like to help you have a holiday that is just perfect for you. 

But, whatever you do - be refreshed

Our desire is to invite as many as possible to come to Turkey, to meet the people, see the sites and to be touched by God, so that you will pray for his Kingdom to Come in the lives of many in Turkey.

We want you to come and relax in whatever way is best for you. Although we are not Travel Agents and cannot work in Turkey, we would like to offer you some options that most tourists will not see or do. The Turkey that we love and know.


The wonderful thing about all of this is that we ask for nothing in return although you may want to support turkswork to help demonstrate God’s love to the people of this land. Especially on our hearts is to help with employment wherever we are able and to show God cares for the poor, the lost, the broken and the mistreated..

Come!  See!  Pray!

We want to encourage people to connect to Turks and to Turkey, to enable turkswork to fulfil its' vision and to be a blessing to the Church. When you visit us in Turkey, there is an opportunity to help do this.   Thank you for caring.


Turkey is a beautiful country, the people warm and welcoming and the cost of coming here is far low. We have travelled to the churches of the New Testament here in Turkey with many people, so why not you?

Come   See   Pray

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© Paul Hembrough 2014