Gulet Cruise

A Cruise to remember - where relaxing is unavoidable

Early morning at sea on a Gulet - Wonderful!

The turkswork 3 or 4 Day Gulet Cruise

A traditional wooden sailing boat will take you around the islands and coastline whilst you relax, enjoy tasty food and a cool drink on-board. Why not sleep under the stars instead of in your cabin? Take time for bible study, a swim in the clear turquoise waters or a lazy day lying on deck? The choice is yours.

A Gulet is a wonderful way to spend a few days as the pace of life slows down and you can swim, read and enjoy Turkish food cooked for you on the boat. Everyone who goes on a Gulet says how relaxing it is and how much they want to repeat the experience. Well, turkswork can help you.

A Gulet Cruise should be on all of our “ to do” lists- and at these prices it is affordable as we deliberately chose an older, cheaper boat rather than the new, De-Luxe boats costing more than a Caliph's ransom.   It should be noted, however, that our boat is simple and is basic in some aspects (like the bathroom in each cabin) but the food is good, the views spectacular and the company enjoyable. It truly is an opportunity to relax and switch off for a few days. Try it!

The trips shown are from Fethiye and along the coast around the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea, mooring off peaceful bays and deserted islands. If you're feel like exploring further, we can continue down the coast a little way to Olympos and the Chimera for just a few pounds more. We are pleased to introduce you to Captain Ilhan who can make all arrangements.

Swim or snorkelIMG 3408

Bellerophon wanted to marry the King's daughter but the king was not keen on the idea and set him a challenge to kill the Chimera, a terrible fire-breathing monster with three heads whose fiery breath would destroy all it touched. 

Bellerophon captured Pegasus, the winged horse, and set out to confront the Chimera. When he approached the monster it fled until it came to the sea and could not go any further. Bellerophon took to the air and killed the Chimera but so destructive was the Chimera's fire, however, that even the monsters death could not quench it and it still burns today in the mountain bearing its name.

Enjoy Turkey, and as you do, you’ll help Turks to earn a living and the Turkish church to grow. Everybody wins!

Gulet Dates & Prices

The below dates and information are a guide only in these Covid 19 days. Contact us for details if you are interested in these. 

Autumn Sunset cruises - incl dinner: £19 p.p. (10 people maximum)

2 Day Cruise in May: £149 per person - WOW -  that's cheap!

3 Day Cruise in October: just £179 per person

Maximum 8 people - includes all meals on board. Drinks are extra. Contact Captain Ilhan via turkswork

Prices are based on a total of 8 people on the boat. You can book it just for you and your friends and family with less than 8 people, which will cost a little more per person - but it may feel more “exclusive” that way

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