2 Day Turkey Experience

Day 1

Leave Fethiye 9.00 a.m. Travel into the mountains to Denizli, the textile centre of ancient and modern Turkey where cotton and wool production still continues. Lunch at the worlds best (possibly!) Pide restaurant before going on to Laodicea, currently under restoration, and discover what Revelation meant where Jesus says that they were “neither hot nor cold.” Late afternoon we travel either to our hotel OR, if possible, to Karahisar to stay with Turkish hosts for a wonderful traditional meal, music, dancing perhaps then, eventually to bed.


Day 2

Ottoman breakfast with our Turkish family. Visit the ancient city of Afrodisia, famed for it’s Sculptors in Roman times. Walk in the Stadium, see the cathedral / temple and the Christian symbols carved on stone. A peaceful day in a stunning location. A relaxed drive home to Fethiye through mountain scenery and arriving in time for dinner on the sea front to enjoy a Çalış sunset.


Cost?  Varies according to size of your group, from 2 - 9 people: £129 average.  Come with us and make new friends or invite your own friends to come and see a different Turkey

LOOK! This allows for meals & entrance fees.   Ridiculously cheap for two days away!

© Paul Hembrough 2014