3 Day Relaxed Trip

Day 1

Leave Fethiye 9.00 a.m. we travel along the coast and then into the mountains to Afrodisia, famed for it’s Sculptors in Roman times. Walk in the Stadium, see the cathedral / temple and the Christian symbols carved on stone. A peaceful day in a stunning location. Late afternoon we drive on to Pammukale and our hotel for the night where we can enjoy a meal in the hotel together or look around the village to find your own choice of restaurant. Sleep well, we have an exciting day to look forwards to.

Paul by pools of PammukkaleP5206750

Day 2

Today we can explore Pammukale, or Hierapolis as it was known in bible times (Peter 1) where hot water springs have given hot baths for thousands of years. See the magnificent Theatre and the Philip’s Martyrdom, where the Apostle Philip is said to have died. An interesting and large site in many ways and one that everyone enjoys. After all that walking we return to our comfortable hotel for dinner or you can return to your newly discovered favourite local restaurant! 

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Day 3

A 5 minute drive to Laodicea, currently under restoration, and discover what Jesus meant when he said that they were “neither hot nor cold.” This is my personal favourite of all the Churches of Revelation, and as we share communion together you will perhaps understand why. Late lunch at the worlds best (possibly!) Pide restaurant before going on to Colosse, home to Philemon and the third of the 3 churches in the Lycus river valley. We then head for home to Fethiye through mountain scenery and arriving just in time for dinner on the sea front to enjoy a Çalış sunset, depending on the time of year.

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The focus of this trip is to let you share in the wonder of some biblical sites but to do so in a relaxed manner and one in which you will remember clearly all you have done and seen. Staying with a Turkish family (when available) and enjoying traditional Ottoman hospitality adds an authentic Turkish Experience to your holiday.

Cost guide per person based on group of 6 people, - less for a bigger group, more for a smaller party - Around £179 to include Breakfast & entrance fees.

Not to be missed if you want to enjoy a Different Turkey and experience village life & hospitality.

© Paul Hembrough 2014