Ephesus - a relaxed trip

Day 1

St John’s church

Drive from Fethiye to Selçuk which takes appx 4 hours, arriving in Selçuk in time for a light lunch and then to St John’s Church, to see where the Apostle John walked, prayed and died . A wonderful place to share communion together and soak up the atmosphere of the church where many worshipped so many years ago. We can perhaps read from John’s Gospel or his letters and sense his heart for people to know the one who loved him so much. Go to your hotel for the evening, ready for an exciting day in Ephesus!


Day 2

Ephesus & Mary’s House

Leave your hotel after breakfast to go to this amazing site where restoration still continues. Ephesus - the most famous of all the ancient churches of Revelation and Turkey. Spend 3-4 hours, more if you wish, exploring this beautiful city and take moments to read in our bibles some verses relating to the city we can see.

A great place to visit and walk where Paul walked, where Luke and John wrote their Gospels, where Timothy was Pastor and from where Christianity impacted Europe as well as what is now Turkey.

In the afternoon, after a break for lunch or a drink, we can see what is left of the Temple of Artemis, once one of the Seven Wonders of the World before visiting Mary's House which often moves people to tears. A truly great day which we end at our hotel and a well deserved rest! 

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Day 3

Şirince & home

Drive up to the village of Şirince, famous for it’s wines and is where water from Ephesus would have come from along tall aqueducts, many of which are visible today in Selçuk centre. Drive home along the coastal route relaxing and thinking about all that we have seen. What a trip!

As an alternative to going home we can continue for an extra night away and visit Laodicea and Colosse, which we love to do! Allow an extra £50 appx per person (depending on time of year)

Price guide: allow £185 per person based on a group of 4 - Where else but Turkey could you see so much for so little?

Ask for a price for your group or join us on a mixed group trip whenever we can arrange one. Turkish guides charge different amounts, so please ask for current rate.

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