Eastern Turkey

Noah, Abraham, Isaac. Jacob & Paul

Tarsus, Ararat, Antioch & Haran

A rich list of people & places from Eastern Turkey. Why not come and see these places and walk where the saints of old walked? An incredible experience.

Take a look at this short video for a flavour of the East and then consider coming to experience it for yourself. It truly is an amazing experience.

When to go?  October or November, when it’s not too hot - maybe in 2021?

Travel with us for over 2 days by train across central Anatolia to the East after a day spent in the capital city, Ankara. Visit Tat Van and the volcano, now extinct, before taking the ferry across Lake Van, more like an inland sea than a lake. See the Armenian Church on Akdamar Island and walk where ancient civilisation began, in between the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. 

Travel to Mardin and the Mesopotamian plain savouring the atmosphere of old Syrian churches and their rich history. Mor Gabriel Monastery, built in 397 and still in use, as is the Aramaic language. Chat to cheeky children and relax with locals. If you’re quick (this year) we can go to Hasankeyf before it is flooded by the river Tigris to make a Hydro Electricity plant. The cave houses will soon be flooded yet are preferred by some residents to the new houses built for them across the valley and above the proposed new water line . Come and see this before they are gone. 

Above all, you will meet some wonderful people and experience Eastern hospitality. What a trip! We cannot stress enough what an amazing two weeks this is and the cost is not likely to be too much for a “once in a lifetime” experience!

In The Beginning trip 

Mardin street life

Please note: Due to Covid-19 Virus travel to the East of Turkey, as elsewhere, may not be possible but contact us if you would be interested and we can let you know the situation as we know it.

Visit Tarsus, home town to Paul and see parts of the excavated old city

Spend time in Antioch, visiting the first church meeting place. See where Peter, Paul & Barnabas taught.

Go to Gaziantep and visit the museum where the most stunning of mosaics are to be seen. Turkey’s best Baclava comes from there too! 

Cross the Euphrates and if possible, see the site where Eden may have been. Stay for a while in Urfa, the city of pilgrimage for Christian and Muslim. Job’s cave, Abraham’s city. Shop in the Souks and experience Turkish / Arabic culture.

Visit Harran, home to Abram & Sarai, where Isaac & Jacob’s wives came from and see Genesis come to life!


Spend several days visiting the part of Turkey where the bible has its beginnings and where Christianity gained its name. Connect the dots from Genesis to Acts. An amazing trip!

We travel along the borders of Syria, Iraq and Iran and meet people of a very different culture to ours.

Go on an organised tour or 'Go it alone' if you feel adventurous, and we can help with advice for your visit.

Eastern Turkey really is a trip that you will never forget and an experience that sheds light on bible verses written about these places. 

© Paul Hembrough 2014