Our heart is to see people coming to faith. To facilitate the Church in its’ growth and to see it grow until it is led by Turks of maturity and wisdom. This is why we ask for prayer. This is why we ask you to stand with us, supporting and encouraging. And this is why we invite you to come, to see, and to pray here in Turkey. When you do, God will touch your heart and you will see the good things that He is doing here. Isn’t that worth coming for? Isn’t that worthy of your support? Of course it it!



Turkswork encourages the churches of Fethiye (where we originated and where David is now Pastor), Mavi Church in Dalaman (where a Turkish Pastor co-leads) and Marmaris Church which is also led by a Turk.  

The Fields in Turkey are ready for Harvest - pray for workers to bring this harvest in.


We support and encourage these small bodies of believers and rejoice at all that God is doing through and in these communities

God is at work. Please pray for Turkey and, if you are able, come and visit us to see what God is doing here.

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