Dalaman:  The Mavi Church

1CE5332E-39BF-4BD7-A772-D1AE596DE1F4_1_201_aMavi church (Mavi means Blue in Turkish) in Dalaman has been operating for just a few years and is a small but growing church. Primarily in Turkish but a recent addition sees an English language part to the service and a mid week English Bible Study as well as a Turkish evening, so all are welcome to join in.

Josh & Mandy have now been joined by Metin & Eda, an experienced Turkish Pastor and his wife, and we are already seeing the fruits of their labour in new families coming and being baptised. God is good!  

It is interesting to see how Turks relate to a Turkish Pastor. They are more open than when a foreigner talks to them, even with great Turkish language skills. There is a special connection of Turk to Turk and we at turkswork are pleased to facilitate this through supporting Turks to reach Turks.

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Turkswork helps support this church in several ways and invite you to be a part of enabling the church in Turkey to grow in strength and numbers. Your prayers and your giving facilitate this.

© Paul Hembrough 2014