Enabling others

For a long time now we have seen how Turks quickly connect to one another and listen and talk with those they have only just met as though they have known one another all their lives. 

Turkswork seeks to enable Turks to reach Turks when opportunity arises and at present we support two amazing people to do this:

Pastor Metin


Metin and his wife Eda had been pastoring a church in Istanbul for many years when we met Metin in Fethiye. He talked about moving out of Istanbul to live in Fethiye and so we told him of the church in Dalaman and how the numbers were small but the potential greater.

After discussion it was agreed that turkswork would support them to join Josh & Mandy in leading the church there. 

Metin is an excellent mentor and has the ability to come alongside people to encourage them, explain who Jesus is and to build faith in people.  Eda is full of enthusiasm and encouragement. Together they make a great team and we thank God for their ministry and impact.  We also thank those who support turkswork financially as without their gifts we would not be able to enable them to minister here.

Metin runs mid week activities such as bible studies, training and mentorship as well as Sunday church service. There have been baptisms on the beach as well as Kids Camp, Training Conferences, National meetings and Mens Groups all of which turkswork have financed to help Metin and Josh to build the church.



Bülent - Evangelism

This young man was a dedicated Muslim but in an amazing way was saved, healed, set free from lifestyle habits and filled with the Holy Spirit. His story is worthy of a book!  God had a plan for Bülent that was beyond his imagination as he was given gifts of Evangelism, and within two years had led 45 members of his extended family to faith in Christ and saw healing come to others. Families coming to faith in Jesus - isn’t that rather like the book of Acts!


I spent a week at a Bible Camp with him and many others and was thrilled at what I saw, heard and experienced. It was such a huge encouragement to me and on my return home my wife could see a difference in me before I said anything. 

At the camp there were 8 baptisms and many hours of intimate worship, teaching and ministry times and this young man was at the heart of what God was doing. During a conversation with his pastor I asked if turkswork could offer any help to enable Bülent to continue working for the Kingdom rather than on a construction site. There’s a long and amazing story behind all of this, but the outcome was that we at turkswork all agreed that we should finance his ministry full time and enable him to reach out to others and encourage groups of believers in other cities.

There is far more that could be told of this, so please ask us when you next meet us and we shall be thrilled to say more. If you would like to help finance the work of either Metin or Bülent through turkswork then please contact us by clicking here  God bless you.

© Paul Hembrough 2014