Welcome to turkswork

The aims of turkswork are:

To Share Good News with our Turkish friends & neighbours, to share our lives in friendship and our faith in love 

To Connect together people in the UK and beyond with Turkey through prayer and faith based mission. To connect believers in Turkey with the wider church and to ensure that this is a two way street.

To Create work for Turks and to help startup and small businesses so that they can employ others and pay fair wages. 

We at turkswork have a passion for Turkey and it is our hope that some of that will be transferred to you as you look through the site and move you to come and visit, because we know that when people come then God touches their hearts for the people and you will pray with purpose. 

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Take a look through the site and as you do, maybe you will hear the call for you to come to Turkey, meet the people and be touched by God for this beautiful nation. The Kingdom is advancing here but resistance happens too. Pray for Turkey, the authorities here and for her people as change comes about slowly but steadily.

Come, See, and Pray for Turkey

© Paul Hembrough 2014