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Look to the Lord when in the midst of difficulties 

The world has changed as we all know and yet life goes on and the work of the church is even more important due to people having great needs; spiritual, emotional and physical. Will these days of lockdown change lives and the way we do things? Only time will tell. 

Pray for people to come to faith in Jesus

When trouble comes it can lead people to look for meaning and for purpose. There are many stories from around the world of people finding Jesus in the midst of the difficult changes going on around us all. May many more discover him as Lord and Saviour.

Pray for the sick

A Turkish believer has continued to have ongoing medical treatment for a serious condition and turkswork has financed some of that including his recent surgery. Once again, it is your giving that enables us to show the love of God to this man and also to others in need of medical care, for there is no NHS in Turkey. There will be others unable to pay for their families treatment and your help is invaluable in demonstrating the love of God in a Muslim nation.

Pray for leaders in the church in Turkey

Once again we have heard from Pastor friends that their visa’s to live in Turkey will not be renewed and that they will be refused re-entry to Turkey once they leave. We pray for these foreigners who have been at the front of the church, building and teaching others to stand firm.  Pray for Turks to come to maturity and to take hold of the task that Jesus has given them, to share the Good News with others.

We ask you:

To pray for:

For Pastor Metin who continues to be a blessing to Dalaman, now called Mavi Church. He has been training Koray, a Turkish believer, to help in leadership within the church and who will one day we hope, become Pastor of his own church. During these days of lockdown they are leading daily bible study and online services and Koray has been preaching in some of these sessions. Turkswork finances enable all of this to happen

To pray for:

I heard last week from Bülent's Pastor in Istanbul that Bülent continues to grow in leadership skills and is taking on further responsibilities in the church and with outreach to other cities. It is such an encouragement to us when we are able to support those who are active in the kingdom, and your giving enables this to happen for this young man who is leading many to Christ. 

To support

We are able to support others who are in desperate need due to the faithful giving of churches and individuals to Turkswork. We are a very small organisation but through the generosity of people we make a big difference in the lives of Turks. Help us to do more, and give even if it is only a few pounds or dollars each month.

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