A journey through your bible

Come and visit some of the places Paul, John, Timothy and Barnabus travelled to in Turkey! Follow in their footsteps as you see places written about in your bible come alive. Walk in Patara and Ephesus and take communion in the land where the early church blossomed. 

Come with your church group and have a time of bible study, prayer, worship and seeing some of the places that you have heard and read about

We can help you with the content or you can arrange your own. We are here to help and make possible whatever you want to do, but what a great place to come as a church group.

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Come on a Bible Tour, it will help Turks see the Kingdom in action - the main purpose of Turkswork. You will see Turkey in a way that builds faith for both yourselves and Turks as you meet and share time together.

Visit some or all of the Seven Churches or a selection of easily accessible bible sites. Take a Gulet Cruise or simply spend a week or two together on holiday, doing what you wish. Whatever you choose to do it will build your group together and give a greater understanding of your bible.

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